Want to know what it’s actually like to be a member of Built By Annie?

After struggling with inconsistent workouts for the last year, I made the decision to COMMIT to BBA Plus. I paid the whole year in full as a way to tell myself hey there, we are really doing this. In the past 3 months, I’ve been the most consistent I have been in YEARS when it comes to working out. Not only that, I’m seeing muscle gains on my own body and seeing the numbers going up in the gym. Honestly though, the best part is that I feel like my form is FINALLY in a good place because of all the resources, cues, and guidance BBA provides. The workouts feel GOOD, so I’m motivated to keep doing them!

- Karin

Joining BBA after working with another online trainer previously to get comfortable in the gym is the best money I have spent on my fitness journey. I’m in the 3 day a week program and it feels like enough. The workouts are serious AF but in the best way possible. You can tell that she’s put so much time and effort into planning the program. I can say that I’ve never been so sore afterwards that I don’t want to move, whereas previous workouts left me too tight and uncomfortable. It’s definitely all of the warm up, mobility training that’s custom for each day’s workout. I’m feeling stronger and more empowered than I have ever felt. Thank you, Annie

- Mariam

From Savana

BBA takes out all of the work that I was having to put in mentally: what should my warm-up be, how long should I really be resting, when should I deload? BBA makes my time in the gym so much more efficient.

I have seen so much progress on how heavy I can lift and it is so exciting. The secret lab of brain gains has a lot of great resources as well. And if there is something that I can not find an answer to in all of the resources that Annie has provided me with, then I know I can message her or Maddy and actually get an answer. BBA has allowed me to feel the most independent but also the most supported in the gym than I’ve ever felt before.

- Savana


Oh, you wanted to hear about more gains?
Fair enough:

I have SO enjoyed the 12-month training program (even though I am just now starting month 11…travel and such made me a little behind). I can’t thank you enough…I loved (and sometimes hated) everything about the program, and appreciate your authenticity. That is so refreshing and encouraging for me. 

I am a coach as well, and I got tired of trying to program for myself after having to program for everyone else all day long. I had a friend who did your program and spoke very highly of it, so I wanted to give it a shot. It was such a luxury to have you tell me exactly what to do.  

OMG, I got strong again! There was a couple of years’ time period where I was not being consistent in my lifts and I just got weak (relatively speaking). But now I am consistently strong and able to take on whatever is given to me.  

My butt got bigger!!! This is HUGE for me because I have always struggled to build mass (I’m 5’6” and 115lbs, built like a ballerina). My shorts are tight now, which I LOVE!! Also, I have a history of hamstring tears/strains on the R side. Between your programming and my other consistent training (Functional Range Conditioning/Kinstretch-do you know about it?), I no longer feel like I am dragging my R hamstring around. I feel evenly strong, and the unilateral work has been huge for that. 

I feel GREAT! I feel proud, and even though I turned 40 this year, I don’t worry that I am gonna lose strength 🙂

take it from Kristen

She shows up with positivity and unwavering support. I LOVE how she leaves a comment on every. Single. One. Of my workouts. She really takes the time to read all of my silly comments. It makes me feel like she sees me even 1,000’s of miles away. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that! I got really sick in March, like one month into my program, and I fell off for a bit. She offered the right encouragement to help me build my confidence and continued to give feedback on my workouts. I was so happy. This woman really is MY coach. I DON’T feel like I’m in a templated program.

- Jade

You promise that women will want to look forward to lifting again, and this cannot be more true for me. I am into BBA month 3 and just made the switch from at home to gym. We moved over the summer and our home gym has been in storage since then. My husband was able to move our rack over yesterday just in time for me to squat today. I am sitting here waiting to lift later today like Pooh Bear waiting for honey! 

I had to make significant training changes this summer after some hormone and thyroid issues came up and had to significantly cut back on CrossFit (which I love). I was devastated and a little lost but found you and BBA on Instagram and had to try to find the girl that enjoys lifting again. And I found her through BBA. The programming is smart, effective and intentional. I love it. 

I still coach and love CrossFit but I have also found a program that makes me feel alive and like me again

- Erika

- Erika

I have a background in powerlifting, and the programming, even for the At Home version of premium 1, is consistent with what I would program for myself. It’s smart. It makes sense.

The supersets are more challenging than what I’d give myself, which I appreciate. I also appreciate that the mobility is in the program because that’s what I’m notorious at skipping. Having that little bit of accountability, knowing someone else is checking that I’m not completely off-program, is useful and keeps me consistent, especially during ‘rona when I’m going on 20 weeks of not having left the house and continuing to work from home with a child at home.

- Nancy

It’s amazing to have a plan I can just follow and get to after a 12 hour day at work. This is the first time in my life I’ve had a legit plan to follow that has worked for me and feels like I have a personal trainer always with me to help me out. I’ve paid for cheaper programs before, but this one has so much thought behind it and it’s so nice to have that knowledge. I actually understand why I’m doing certain workouts, tempos etc and just feel strong for the first time in a long time! The other programs I have done I never stuck with because there was no human input and it was easy to give up. It felt like they really didn’t care what happened to me after I downloaded the template. This program has someone cheering me on the entire time or pushing me when necessary and answering all of my questions! Also the app is so amazing I love it! Seriously best thing I’ve ever done!




I can’t say enough for your program! My friend turned me on to you and I am beyond grateful for that. 

The workouts are awesome, functional and offer so much room to grow. I loved CrossFit, but with my schedule it wasn’t a practical option. And I feel like this program provides enough structure and flexibility for my life while getting an amazing workout. And the personal comments, I absolutely love! I feel like we’re friends and I have someone to hold me personally accountable.

true coach in action:



I’ve been a part of BBA for a couple of months now.
Full Disclosure- I was very hesitant to spend the money. You see, I’m a teacher and a single mom to a beautiful boy with down syndrome…in short, time and money are tight.

I have to say…BBA is worth every damn penny! It is ESSENTIALLY “excuse” proof and I have learned so much!! BBA is a sacrifice, luxury, and NECESSITY all rolled into one! I love that I can see my growth and it has made me better at crossfit as well as a smarter athlete!

So…in case no one tells you today…thank you! Thank you for pourIng your heart and soul into your content and programming. It matters and it makes a huge difference! Lifting keeps me healthy, happy, and sane…all of which makes me a better mama, teacher, and all around human!

This program is the highlight of my day! I have never before been so dedicated to a proper warm-up and mobility work, held accountable for a completely reasonable amount of conditioning, and had such a focus on tempo. After 8 weeks I was like WHOA I am already stronger!! The best part though, my overhead mobility is FINALLY improving on the right side after 2 shoulder dislocations. I am not doing anything “extra” either, just following the warm-ups and performing all built-in mobility work with fidelity. The consistency and programming are paying off already, I am so proud of myself and excited for what’s to come. Can’t recommend this enough.

- Ashley

I joined BBA because I had just recently become a new Business owner and I found myself just not having the energy to program for myself. I have loved the program so far; as I am use to constant high intensity/CrossFit workouts and truly right now in my point in life that just isn’t realistic or enjoyable to me! I have found a new love for this style of training again as it is meeting me EXACTLY where I am. I haven’t been as consistent as I envisioned but I am so happy that its there when I can show up and it leaves me feeling accomplished and equally challenged!

Thanks Maddie and Annie! 

- Sabrina



“I’m in premium 2 and I love BBA! It’s amazing to have a plan I can just follow and get to after a 12 hour day at work. This is the first time in my life I’ve had a legit plan to follow that has worked for me and feels like I have a personal trainer always with me to help me out. I’ve paid for cheaper programs before, but this one has so much thought behind it and it’s so nice to have that knowledge. I actually understand why I’m doing certain workouts, tempos etc and just feel strong for the first time in a long time! The other programs I have done I never stuck with because there was no human input and it was easy to give up. It felt like they really didn’t care what happened to me after I downloaded the template. This program has someone cheering me on the entire time or pushing me when necessary and answering all of my questions! Also the app is so amazing I love it! Seriously best thing I’ve ever done!”


I was ready to get over my fear of the barbell and I trusted Annie based on the messaging filled with information and integrity on her Instagram. 

My strength, my confidence, my understanding of my body and what it means to listen to it: both when to push harder and harder when to rest. Also my mindset toward fitness. Performance goals > aesthetic goals!

Everyday when I lifted, I did something I didn’t think I could do. I was better than the lift before. That perspective has bled into other areas. If I can squat 100lbs what else can I do? PRs are really secondary to this mental accomplishment. 

Proud if I had to pick a single word. Immensely proud of myself, what I can do, how my perspective has improved, how much I’ve learned from Annie and Maddie. A little sad it’s over but for the time being confident I can apply what I’ve learned on my own but rest assured I’m sure I’ll be back. 

If you’re just beginning, it will feel awkward. You will want to backslide into your old program or old habits. Write down why you are starting this and refer back to it when discouraged. The first week of a new phase is always a lil slow and awkward. It’s normal. Push through. Do this for yourself. Keep your promises to you and prove to yourself you really are capable of this.


BBA has really helped me in this “new season” of my training. I used to compete in Crossfit and trained high volume for the better part of a decade which obviously took a toll on my body. When the pandemic hit and my training environment changed, I decided it was time to prioritize overall health and rebuilding my areas of weakness/injury but I felt lost. I know I needed to get back to the basics but craved the intensity of my usual training. The idea of writing a program for myself full of things I didn’t really “want” to do was mentally draining. BBA has allowed me to take that step back while still challenging myself and feeling strong and provides the mental freedom to go about my day and not obsess over my programming. Also, the tempo has been a much needed kick in the ass 🙂


I am about halfway through Phase 12 of BBA right now so wanted to let you know what I’m thinking for next steps. I would like to cancel my membership, but it’s definitely not for lack of love for BBA. I have learned so much from BBA over this past year that I feel ready and capable of continuing to progress in the gym and I’m also hoping to get pregnant in the next several months and want to join a program more specific for that season.

BBA has truly been the BEST decision I could have made for my training this past year. I have learned so much both through the programming and through Annie’s Secret Laboratory of Brain Gains. I have gained confidence in my lifts and progressed in my strength so much more than I was before this program. Although this is templated, Maddy made it feel so much more personal and always offered the best input and encouragement. Having everything programmed took away the mental effort of figuring out what to do and allowed me to just show up consistently knowing that I am progressing.

Thanks for creating such an amazing program and offer!

So I initially started BBA because I wanted to get back into a consistent and tough but effective workout program. I wanted to feel like an athlete again and also lose some fat that I felt I gained. I have completely changed my outlook in the past year for the better because of you and Maddy! I can deadlift my body weight for a few reps, I can easily help my dad and boyfriend carry things that used to be hard for me, etc. it’s truly amazing! I didn’t really lose much weight but I have certainly gained muscle and strength and because of Maddy and you I am looking at this now in a long term way. I don’t see this as oh need to get workouts in this week otherwise i’ll get fat but I see it as oh I need to do this for my future self so I’m able to do what I want/ be healthy when I’m in my 60s, 70s, etc. I definitely still have some short term goals but I’m not as worried if I have to miss a week of workouts because work is demanding or if I have to push my training phase back yet again. It’s about the bigger picture and it’s amazing how my mindset has changed! And also how cool is it what we can adapt to and what our bodies can do?! Thank you so much 🙂

- Alyssa

Seen enough and feeling confident about
joining BBA?



I love the compound movements that are always involved (the more “bang for your buck” kind of workouts & lifts)! It helps keep me in shape how I want to be and has kept me accountable! I am able to do 5 pull ups on my own!! A goal I have had for years! 

I first signed up because I needed a program that I didn’t have to create myself (I wanted to take the mental work out of it), but also one that I believed in and similarly would put together if I wanted to put that effort in. LOL Thank you, Annie for allowing me to enjoy my time in the gym and actually progress in my strength!



I could purchase a cookie cutter program from others (I’ve done it… Get Glutes (now Fit Thrive) via Bret Contreras, Kellie Davis, along with other 3-6 months programs. What I’ve loved the most from your membership is that is progressive over an entire year, not a random month of workouts with no sight on the future.

I adore your training style, embrace your knowledge & appreciate that you put a year long focus behind for planning & programming. 

Having someone else guide/write my programming is what I appreciate the most. You are a freaking rockstar & I 100% appreciate your brains behind your programming. As a former trainer myself (now turned yoga instructor) I wholeheartedly thank you for being flat out being you. Yeah, I could the programming myself but eh, you walk the walk AND talk the talk. It’s what drew me to you in the first place.

This last year has been a blast & I cannot believe the time to start my next round!




I decided to sign up for BBA after spending many years lifting weights somewhat haphazardly in the gym. Then I discovered Annie on Instagram, and I was impressed with her knowledge base and how genuine she was.

I decided to take the leap and sign up for BBA, and I’m so glad I did! I’m now halfway through the year with her, and I’m so much stronger than I have ever been. Her workouts are focused and simple, yet still very challenging. Everything is easy to follow on True Coach, and Annie does a great job checking in with you. I especially appreciate the warm ups and focus on mobility, which is something I’m prone to skip on my own. And it’s so nice to not have to think about what I’m going to do in the gym each day; I think BBA is definitely worth the investment. It’s hard to think about lifting without her now!



I was a marathon runner who wanted to add more effective strength workouts to complement my training, and after 7 months with BBA, I am a marathon runner who loves strength training so much I’m tempted to run less so I have more time in the gym. With limited time to dedicate to planning strength work on top of running, training with Annie has made it so that every time I go to the gym I am focused with a purpose. I’ve never felt stronger, but more important for me, I’ve never felt more confident and knowledgeable about *why* I am doing what I’m doing. I use Annie’s anatomy-focused Movement 101 to break down each new movement I’m assigned because Annie has taught me that form, tempo, timing, and consistency matter! The months have enough progression that I am challenged every time I workout and also spend enough time with each exercise to see improvement. I’ve been able to make it flexible enough for a busy running, school, and travel schedule, and maybe best of all, I actually feel confident walking into a gym-full of guys and TAKING MY SPACE because I know I actually know what I’m doing. Can’t wait to get even stronger. Thank you, Annie



I originally started BBA because I knew I needed some sort of strength training. I have done a couple of triathlons before, and I just felt like strength training was falling flat. Annie’s BBA seemed to offer what I needed from a programming stand point, but really her entire philosophy is what drew me to dive into BBA. I love knowing why I’m doing things, how they should feel, how to identify when it is not working the intended way – and Annie’s programming and approach to fitness checks all of those boxes. I didn’t have any barbell training before starting BBA, but I bought Movement 101 and jumped right in.

I can lift so much more than I could this time last year, but really the benefits are mental. I am so proud of myself after every workout, and I just feel so empowered. Annie does a great job making sure that you know she’s proud of you, too. From email responses and check-ins on the program, I see an email pop up that she commented on my workout, and it just always makes me smile.  Personal AND physical growth, ladies – can’t think of a better way to achieve them than with Annie and BBA.


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